“Allowing Art to Happen”

The passion for art in Peter Maasdam (born in Amsterdam 1962) is expressed in many ways, but he found his true direction as a pupil of artist Peter Schenk.

Maasdam starts by illustrating naked models, usually on paper. The poses of his models are only short. In this way the work retains a certain energy. The works created by this method can either be used as finished products or as detail studies for larger works on canvas.

Both in his abstract and his figurative work, Peter Maasdam makes use of various college techniques. With handmade Nepal paper, he creates different surfaces on the canvas.
With brushes, hands, large spatulas, and sometimes straight from the tube, the artist then passionately works the paint to create the end result. At the heart is always the direct transfer of energy, Maasdam does not make art, he lets it happen!

A distinctive feature of the art of Maasdam is the way his works “breathe”. As the viewer, you have the feeling you can walk through the picture, which creates a space for personal impressions. This applies for both the abstract work and the more figurative pieces.
The energy of Peter Maasdam is always unmistakably present in his work.
Maasdam: “My best work is a fusion of strength and sensitivity.”